Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Audio Dramas: Stargate SG-1 And Stargate Atlantis Live On In Audiobook Form

It has been a year since Stargate Atlantis left the airwaves. and it has been a year now since the last Stargate SG-1 movie landed on DVD. Plus, we are still a few months out from the debut of the third series of the franchise from gracing our screens on the Sci Fi Channel this fall. Some Stargate fans may be feeling a bit lost without their regularly scheduled weekly Gate travel. But there is a way to find your inner DHD and dial home without your GDO and avoid the fear of hitting the SGC’s iris. And if that last sentence made any sense to you then you definitely want to check out the line of Stargate Audiobooks from Big Finish.

The Stargate Big Finish range contains stories that are meant to either feel like lost episodes of SG-1 or spin off series Atlantis. The stories aren’t cannon to either series and you don’t have to know a Replicator from a Orii to enjoy each book. But it adds a whole new layer to the story you are listening to if you do. The characters will drop hints in the story proper about when the plot takes place within the 15 years of televised stories, however, each page at the Big Finish site gives you a specific point to where the story took place within the context of either show. 

Each book is read by one, or in some cases two, actors from the series. The show’s trademark sound effects are great aids in putting you into the plot and in no time you will feel like you are on a mission with Daniel, Te’Lc or Valla. Each book has about a little more than a hour’s runtime. Which also helps in making each story feel like a lost episode of the Stargate experience.

Personally, from Series 1, I happened to like Valla and Daniel’s tale of Valla being… well Valla in “Shell Game”. I also like Dr. Zelenka’s turn to be the man of the hour in the Atlantis story “Zero Point”. Both are good books to start with if you are interested. Although I admit I haven’t gotten to any of the books in Series 2 yet. I am planning to do so later in the year once I catch up with other Big Finish titles.

To learn more about these books, and even hear samples of them, go to the link below. 

and to know more about what is going on in the SG-1, Atlantis or the new Stargate Universe franchises head on over to

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