Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Updates Everywhere You turn for JAWS, Zoom Text , Dolphin And Window Eyes

Patches usually come fast and furious right before CSUN, however, the same can be said in June as well. That is because we are two weeks away from the big U.S. national conventions for the Blind. So you can celebrate by downloading stuff while you grill your hot dogs and add ice cream to the apple pie while waiting for the fireworks to begin after the computer reboots!

Zoom Text: the new patch takes the new 9.version 9.18 to 9.18.2. You can find the release notes at the link below.

Dolphin: The super new v11 has an even newer update that will take it to 11.02. You can find out more about this one at the link below.

JAWS: FS has pushed out a new patch for v10 that helps with the new iTuens update that rolled out recently. Find out about it and more at this link.

Window Eyes: Not to be out done, but this isn’t a patch per say, GW Micro has release the public beta of Window Eyes 7.1. You can find out about what is new with the beta at the link below.

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