Friday, June 26, 2009

No, I haven’t Given Up Blogging..

It takes one odd link bait news story on Google feeds and one odd person to read it to ask this question of me recently “I saw like on Google or Digg or something that blogging isn’t as popular as like Twitter and stuff. So is that why you stopped writing on your blog?”. Thank goodness that person didn’t read the article about 90% of Twitter users quit within the first month. That may have been awkward for this odd person if they haven’t seen my Twitter feed lately.

Sadly there have been three things that have kept me from doing some sort of post, or updating the polls even, here at TRS. I’ll try not to bore anyone with these pitiful little cries of “Woe is me.. all the technology I see .. Waaahh!”. But I can’t really explain myself and my lack of wordy banter if I don’t pull out the small violin for at least a 30 second solo piece.

First up.. I’ve been slammed in my day job with oodles and oodles of reports, research and meetings. I honestly couldn’t tell you what went on at these big meetings at the begining of the month. I was there, I said stuff and I’m glad that someone was taking the minutes for these meetings because it is like reading a book for the first time when I glance at the meeting minutes. Between E3, Apple’s WWDC, Microsoft hell bent on killing me with new product information and one metric ton of Assistive Technology patches and updates over the last month.. well lets just say that I’m hoping that one of my new made up swear words makes it to Webster’s Dictionary someday. I mean they accept just about every freaking, oh yeah fracking, other internet meem these days right?

Secondly, I’ve been under a lot of NDAs. So many new things are coming that I couldn’t talk about yet. Focus Blue? Got to chat with FS about that at the begining of the month. Serotek’s awesome Accessible Event? The stars allined in all the right places and I got to work with it in March. And I was able to drool on a real live working Book Sense. I’m not under NDA on that one but I don’t want to get the person who is into any hot water because of me blathering on and on about wanting to buy it on day one. Oops! So when faced with the possibility that I may slip here, or elsewhere, and end up having a hit put on me by some AT company, I choose to be quiet. Beats sleeping with the fishes you know? I’ll have a lot to say on some new AT product releases after they debut publicly at the Conventions. And that brings me to…

Lastly, and this is the part you may find interesting, I’m gearing up for a trip to Detroit next week. I’ll be blogging and tweeting and not sleeping on planes, because I hate to fly, a lot during the upcoming weeks. So I’ll make up for all this lost time and bad grammar very soon. And then by mid July I’ll be blogging more about Windows 7 and Office 2010. For the next year of my life will be filled with oh so many installs of programs. At least there is consistency in the constant barrage of technical innovation that is derived by vertical implementation of dynamic content driven by increased motivation of the growing user base. ??? What did I just write? Oh no, the double plus good Marketing people  have finally broken down the weak defenses of my feeble brain. Run before I start to tell you about the benefits of our replacement plan that we offer for your handset [with the purchase of a two year contract]. Arrggghh! 

But if the sound of this blog’s silence is too great, then check out the Twitter feed in the sidebar or search for @RangerStation. I did the Vanity thing at Facebook too but I honestly haven’t gotten into that one as much as I do Tweet. i kind of put the Anti Social into Social Media. I am getting better at it though. One day I’ll even move to this new fangeled Web 2.0 platform all the kids are talking about these days.

Here is the new Facebook address by the way..

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