Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Goodness: Super Users, Software Services And Green LCDs

Here are some articles that all peeked my interest on today’s run through the net.

Super Users: Companies are now relying on “Super Users” to aid their tech support calls. These unpaid people with a heart of gold aid others in their times of need. Just like we do for Assistive Technology in forums, lists and other arenas. But now we have a cool name to go along with it .. just don’t step on any capes. That can hurt you know..

Software As A Service: Fear mongering, FUD or denial? Some would say all three could apply to this article that tries to discuss the bad things in the Software trend.

Green LCD: Now motion detectors can turn off your monitor when they detect you aren’t there. But how much power does it take to spin up the motion detectors? Plus, if I remember right, I think the Mac had a program for doing this with Mac and Power Books already.

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