Thursday, April 02, 2009

CSUN/Press Release: Zoom Text 9.18 Released

Ai Squared has relaunched their website and they also have a spiffy new version of Zoom Text to go with the new web look. See the press release below for more details.


ZoomText 9.18 Now Available!
Improved performance, smooth panning, scripting and support for Vista 64-bit

Yup, this ones big! Its a ZoomText update thats packed with new features and enhancements that are too important to ignore.For starters, weve given ZoomText a major tune-up that provides improved performance across the board. How major of a tune up is this? Well, early adopters of 9.18 are telling us that ZoomText and their applications are running faster and that

weve fixed some nagging problems that we werent even aware of.

Next, weve added a cool new feature called Smooth Panning (patent pending) that allows you to comfortably navigate your applications without all that abrupt jumping around in the magnified view. As you type text, arrow key through menus and dialogs, and switch windows, ZoomText smoothly pans from one location to another.

But theres more: ZoomText Scripting is now included in every license of ZoomText Magnifier and Magnifier/Reader. With ZoomText Scripting, you can automate tasks in ZoomText and most applications, allowing you to work faster than ever before. Just imagine cutting 10 steps down to one or two! To learn more about ZoomText Scripting, go to

Weve also added support for 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, which is rapidly becoming the standard on new laptops and desktops. With ZoomText 9.18, when youre ready to upgrade to one of these new systems, ZoomText is ready to go with you.

Get ZoomText 9.18 Today

Already own ZoomText 9.1 or later? If so, get on the fast track and download the free ZoomText 9.18 update right now. Just go to

Still using ZoomText 9.0 or earlier? No problem. Low cost upgrades start at just $75 for ZoomText Magnifier and $99 for ZoomText Magnifier/Reader. To place your order, call Ai Squared toll-free at (800) 859-0270.

Use Our New Easy Pay Plan

For those with vision impairments and who need ZoomText to use their computer, Ai Squared wants to help in any way we can. So if money is an issue, our sales staff will work with you to set up a graduated payment plan to make purchasing ZoomText easier.
Plans start at $37/month for Magnifer and $55/month for Magnifier/Reader and are available for end-user purchases of our domestic single-user products (U.S. and Canada only). To learn more about the Easy Pay plan and to place your Easy Pay order, call our sales department at (800) 859-0270.

Get More Information and a Free ZoomText Trial

Want more information on ZoomText and the new 9.18 release? Check out the ZoomText product page, 9.18 info page and product release notes. Better yet, take ZoomText 9.18 for a test drive and see for yourself. Download the free 60-day trial and check out everything that ZoomText has to offer on your computer.

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