Thursday, February 05, 2009

January’s Poll Results And February's Poll Added

Lets take a look at how Windows 7 did with last month’s poll.

January’s Poll Question: Are You Excited About Windows 7?

Yes, I’m there on launch day!   7 (38%)
  No, I’m fine thanks.   6 (33%)
  Yes! I’m running the Beta right now..    3 (16%)
   What? I don’t use this Windows thing you speak of..   2 (11%)

It looks like we are split down the middle again this month. That isn’t surprising since Windows 7 has a hard wall to climb in order to set it apart from its bigger brother named Vista. Still the buzz is good and we are seriously looking at a Windows 7 Winter Wonderland at the end of this year. And if you read Mark Taylor’s or Rick Harman’s blogs then you know that the barriers to access won’t be the same this go around.

Now with taxes looming on the horizon, sorry if that makes some out there a bit queasy for I too hate math, my mind has been turning to the idea of buying … something. Mind you I’m not loaded by any means. Even a Creative Zen 1 GB Stone’s price tag gives me pause in this lovely economy. So it is quite alright if you pretend to use Monopoly money when answering this month’s question. The only catch is that I get to choose the race car not the boot as my Monopoly character.

February's Poll Question Of The Month: Would You Buy A Netbook Running An Assistive Technology Program Or A Traditional Blindness Related Note Taker If Given Half The Chance?

I would buy the Netbook AT Program Combo Meal
  I would buy a Blindness Related Note Taker
  I gotta have my Braille input or Braille output Note Taker
  Whatever, I use a laptop for all things in portable computing

this question came to be when two co-workers came to me on the same day with their MSI U100s running either a Screen Reader or a Screen Magnifier on the little device. I have entertained this question with several people off line for about a year. But I will save that topic for the end of the month after everyone else has had their say on the subject.

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