Monday, February 02, 2009

ATIA 2009: Some Links To Chew On..

I have a friend who went to this year’s event, however, I had a work event of my own in the southern half of Texas that took my attention away from the news from Florida. And when I tried to check in to see what was going on towards the east.. I found that one of our laptops may have been hit by a “Man in the Middle” malware attack. So, I ended up doing a lot of reading over the weekend and this morning. Here is a rundown of some articles I gathered from Blind Bargains, Blind Planet and BOHICA. Man is it ever astounding that there are so many more sources for AT news beyond my lazy and inconsistent postings. Good work all!

35 Interviews at ATIA: The Serotek gang has lots for you to hear from the movers and shakers at this year’s ATIA. Check out this link to hear it all for yourself.

GW Micro Sense View Desktop Video Magnifiers: I got to see these under the Himes banner at CSUN 2006 and 2007. And I have to say I was impressed with the products I saw. But this is a very crowded market and some may say that this is a weird time in the industry to release a new platform. Not me though. I wana see’em now!

Public Beta of MAGic 11.0 for x64: More on the floor with x64.

KNFB Reader 6.1.9 Update Release Notes: Translation on the fly is pretty neat. But I’m hurting people when we get to that face recognition jazz. Learn more about the update below.

Optelec Adds Two New Video Magnifiers: Who said that these guys were scaling down on Low Vision? Not me that’s for sure.

Code Factory Announces Free Update to Mobile Speak 3.0: One of the best keeps on getting better with this new update.

New USB Braille Display from Perkins: I haven’t seen the new Braille Writer or this device. It is remarkable that if you still have a serial connected display at this point you are running with the old school though. Remember when you had to trade your lunch for a good working null cable? Ah memories.

Serotek Ends SMAs: Yeah, I’m late to the party on this news. Fashionably late but late just the same.

Keysoft 8: Shippin in March, however, I know a Rep who is going let me see it sooner than that.

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