Wednesday, January 14, 2009

December’s Poll Results And January’s Poll Added

This is kind of neat. We have a tie on the question I was asking and a real winner in the area of paid radio. See the results below.

December’s Poll Question: Do You Like The New Combined Serious XM Radio?

Yeah 2 (25%)
Nope 2 (25%)
I don’t hear a difference 0 (0%)
Dude.. the radio is dead, I gave up and only listen to MP3s 4 (50%)

So the winner was MP3s and User Generated Content I guess. I’ve met many who have stopped their subscriptions to both services who say that they don’t like the music changes to their fave stations. Others who I know still hang in there with Serious because of the sports content. Personally I tend to listen to XM more because the music channels are on my DirecTV. I haven’t been a big fan of the changes at all. Although I have heard some new music I didn’t hear on XM pre merger. In fact that is how the new Metallica disc ended up as a link on the right side of the page. XM plays it a lot and it gave me a good look at the thing because prior to the merge I had no plans on buying it at all.

And now another mini poll for January…

January’s Poll Question: Are You Excited About Windows 7?

Yes, I’m there on launch day!
No, I’m fine thanks.
Yes! I’m running the Beta right now..
What? I don’t use this Windows thing you speak of..

Thanks and a shout out go to Rick who’s comments in the last post inspired this month’s question. Well that and I don’t want to make a Assistive Tech question this close to ATIA. Still, this is a valid discussion topic. And I have already committed myself to jabbering about it in 2009 anyways.

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