Friday, January 09, 2009

7: The Public Beta Of Windows 7 Begins Today

At the beginning of the summer of 2008 I looked back at my NFB Vista presentation and I speculated that Windows 7, not knowing that would be the name at the time, would be out by the Holiday Season of 2009. I got a lot of flack for that offline. I got even more from some major players in the AT Field at convention. And I held true to my convictions that all companies like money and the purchase cycle rules all. What I didn’t really think about at the time was that Microsoft would be out for blood to undo the damage caused by Vista and those Apple Switcher ads. But, nevertheless, I still held stead fast to Vista’s replacement coming to store shelves no later than Spring 2010.

Well… today Microsoft will move forward with those plans to release the next version of Windows within that timeline by issuing out the Public Beta of Windows 7 today. Major computer magazines and media outlets have been more than positive about the look and feel of 7. And I have to admit that this “happiness is a warm puppy” outlook from some earlier Vista detractors has refueled me a bit at the concept of another round of beta testing, article writing and hours of speeches on yet another version of Windows. Rest assured, like Vista before it, 7 is going to be a topic I cover a lot here over the next year. And that coverage begins in earnest at 12:00 PM PST when the Public Beta goes live on

To learn more about what to expect from the beta, and remember there is no AT companies with public betas for 7 at the moment, go to the Windows Super Site link below. Expect a few people at ATIA at the end of the month to talk about new product versions for 7 compatibility this year. And you might want to check the status of your SMAs as well. Hint Hint..

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Rick Harmon said...

Jaws 10 and System Access 3.0 seem to work pretty well with the beta of Windows 7 here. I'm pleased and impressed so far.