Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vista Corrner: A/V Issues, RAM and DVD Maker Spotlight At Winsupersite

I have been using Vista on a regular basis since April 06 and I believe I have said already on this blog that I won't go back to XP. If I haven't well then I just declared it today then. Vista's ease of use, it's security features and it's speed in my daily tasks have all proven to me that Windows XP just isn't my bag anymore. I notice the hacks that have come about over the last 3 years for IE6 and XP more when I have to use my Windows XP Pro box at work. Malware, applets and other annoyances that load by design in XP are blocked by default in Vista. And I have really grown to respect UAC over the last year as I had a few programs try to load themselves only to be stopped by the little gray stop sign in Vista.

With all that said..

I have seen some little bugs that just drive me crazy. The constant updating and rather unstable performance of my NVIDIA and Creative X Fi drivers for instance cause me to surf for drivers weekly. The thing is that I may have been looking for a problem in the wrong place. It looks like a posting on Slashdot today seems to point to some Audio and Video issues I've been having are .. um buggey when you use your network connections. See the link below for more..


And if that isn't disturbing then take a look at this article where 4 GB of RAM isn't 4 GB of RAM in 32 bit flavors of Vista.


We had a lot of questions during Vista training on how the DVD Maker in Home Premium and Ultimate worked. I haven't tried to make a disc with Assistive Technology running yet, however, this is still a good overview for when I do get around to trying the feature. Mostly I just use Nero by the way.


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