Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some Detailed Details On Vista Service Pack 1

I usually stay away from Digg on the weekends. Oh sure the odd rant, weird social networking fad of the moment or that extremely vague conspiracy crackpot theory is occasionally fum to read but most of the time it's all fluff. So on a whim I read the headlines of the day and saw this article, link listed below, on some poor but brave soul who took his copy of the Private Beta build and analyzed the hell out of the registry settings to see what changes lay in store for the eventual official full on release of SP1 in ... um .. 200.. 7? Maybe 08? Eh whatever.

In the detailed article below the writer mentions a new feature called "Make a Recovery Disc" which will possibly make my life a lot easier when doing testings and restores at work. There is a long list of what programs within Vista see an update and chances are your favorite bug may be among the ones slated for revision. Just remember this is still Beta and anything can happen between now and the actual public release. Oh and there is a bit of registry info paths and server redirect info markers discussed so this may not be an article I would categorize as "light reading".

However the article also is very helpful beyond the SP1 subject matter. The author actually lists the changes in those two Vista Compatibility updates I posted about earlier in the week. I ran those updates by the way and I had to go back to a restore point after I had a bad issue with an Assistive Technology product who disliked some of the changes my video card experienced with the patch. These issues I mention are probably system specific, in other words I probably caused them not the AT software, and I don't think anyone will have problems with the new patches. I made a change in my install order and used a different AT program to install the patches a few days ago and now all is well. If you do have problems I would be interested to hear about them in the comments section of this post though.

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