Wednesday, May 30, 2007

YESSS! Windows Live Writer Is Back.. Sort Of..

I used Windows Live Writer for a lot of my posts last year and I adored, no wait, loved it like mad. It's so WYSIWYG and simple to use. And I had very little problems with it for posting links and the like. Then Google did their changes to Blogger. I was forced to go back to MS Word, cut, copy and paste. Jeff just posted the links to the new Windows Live Mail, Messager and the 2.0 beta version of Writer. With fingers crossed I downloaded and installed this new version. And this post is the first from the new Writer.

I am still getting used to this new edition but so far I am smitten all over again.

Update: Some controls for my new design don't work as well. However Live Writer is still far and away better for quick posts or for times when I am on the road.

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