Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Site Updates Today. Stuff May Break Or Just Disappear!

I am working on the new controls of the Blogger 2.0 interface. And so far my above post won't accept hyperlinks. Go fig. But as I am going back to tag some of the older content I have noticed some errors in the conversion process. So some links or past articles may be eatten either by Blogger or by yours truly in my attempts at Spring Cleaning the RTS. Sorry in advance if this also pings your RSS feeds. I haven't really done much to spruce things up and it's about time that I at least make this thing at least 2005 looking. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments area. And thank you all so much for your kind emails to me over the last few months. Perhaps one day I can explain my web absence if I ever get out from embargo on betas.

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Darrell said...

Hey Ranger. Yeah. I'm quite surprised you haven't mentioned anything here about the Save Serotek petition at asking FS to stop their lawsuit. As far as Blogger is concerned, I leave "compose mode" off and just manually type the necessary code for the links.