Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Power Is Not In Your Hands

Recently we had a whole slew of battery issues in the unit. Last year we needed a patch to fix a battery issue on a note taker. Then we had two Hand Held CCTV units from two separate manufactures go bad. One of the Hand Held units was only 35 days old. And in one case we had a battery leakage issue on a note taker that was so bad the unit smelled like cat pee. Mmmm…

ZD Net recently posted an article on a Windows issue that was part of the cause for laptop batteries draining faster than they should. So one would start to surmise that there is a real problem with battery power these days.

I honestly recommend that you look at devices that have removable batteries for your work related tasks. Some new portable CCTV units actually come with two batteries right out of the box. That means you can charge one while using another. Hand Held units, however, aren’t so lucky. Most of them, like the current line of accessible PDAs, have on board non removable batteries. Which can make replacement a fun filled trip to the Post Office as the unit will have to go back home to be repaired.

The conspiracy theorists among our staff say that it’s a pyramid scam run by the Energizer Bunny from his bunker at the Symantec Anti Virus Research Center.. but that may be just what he wants us to think. I mean Easter is right around the corner and all. It could be the Cadbury Rabbit is honing in on his action is all.

Hmm… Note to self: Mid week entries tend to go very obscure on the reference tip. Must remember to stay on topic next time. Oh who am I kidding. That will never happen.

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