Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Zoom Text 9 Beta 4 Released

Ai Squared released their new Beta of Zoom Text 9 last night. This should be pretty close to the final gold release as the product should ship from Vermont in the next week or so. Generally a .01 release comes on the net about 30 days after official release. While some see this as a bad thing I find quick release updates are the norm for all products outside of the Assistive Technology industry. Just ask anyone who has patched Battlefield lately.

Street pricing will be $399 for Screen Magnification and $599 for Screen Magnifier with Screen Reader assistance. This is the same pricing for the other versions as well so no changes there.

I have been running Beta 4 all morning and I love how it's a lot quicker with typing echo and page loading. And I am very impressed with the MS Word changes. Text still gets lost from time to time and the Mozilla support isn't as good as I would like.. but at least someone is supporting Firefox in the biz..

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