Sunday, August 07, 2005

IGN's Madden 06 Review Makes Me Think Twice

I am predictable in this one thing that happens every year. I almost always buy EA's Madden in it's first week. I know that's sad. I fall prey to the marketing and the hype. I give in to hours and hours of Madden Card Collecting. Stat building and Stadium Improvements in Franchise Mode make me happy. Never did I think a pie chart in a videogame would mean so much to me. And I would have that MMORPG fantasy thing going on where I was exstatic that my new team for that season really had the goods to go all the way. Now I could afford to raise my parking prices again. Needless to say working next to me during these times of year can be unbearible if my star QB eats it big time early on in a new season.

This year's version of Madden is it's first under the new EA NFL deal. I was kind of on the bubble about buying this year and I even may just opt out for the 360 launch if this, and Gamespot, are on target.

Looks like Gamespot has pulled off the kid gloves as well. Seems like I am waiting for the 360 version for sure. That's okay because I didn't get rid of 2005 CE and I need a new RPG anyways.

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