Tuesday, July 05, 2005

IMDB's Bottom 100

This seems to be traveling around the net. So I took a look at the list and I was relieved to see that I only know [by that I mean wasted my life] about 25% of the films listed below. And if it wasn't for insane HBO repeats in the 80's the list would be even lower. Joe Bob Briggs's Drive In Theater Saturday Nights accounts for some of the list as well. I know for sure that's where I saw "Surf Knotsies Must Die".



ethne said...

And i have seen a few of those as well, Alone in the Dark just a week ago. (And it was unbelievably bad.) But I am saddened to see that The Dark Backward and The Unholy were not listed.

Ystros Rylam said...

I miss Joe Bob Brigg's show. Ah, Monstervision on TNT. Introduced me to many movies, both good and Bottom 100 bad.

My only complaint with IMDBs Bottom 100 is it is very reactionary - look how many recent films appear on the list. Surely we aren't in such a dark age of cinema that 22% of the all-time worst movies came out in the last 5 years.