Sunday, March 31, 2013

When The rubber Begins To Meet The Road

Well CSUN has come and gone again with some out there starting to get the hang of the App Economy, life on a tablet and the treasure hunt for new revenue beyond the old traditional Voc Rehab model of “just build it and they will buy it” channels. If anything, March began the changes for many on the run up to convention and the dawn of the second half of the year consumer sales season. You can hear that in much of the interviews and conversation from the SPN coverage. You haven’t listened to the SPN coverage? Oh my, are you in for a treat!

CSUN 2013 Special 1

CSUN 2013 Special 2

CSUN 2013 Special 3 with the amazing Ricky Enger and some guy she knows holding a microphone

CSUN 2013 Special 4

CSUN 2013 Special 5

And the fabulous wrap up show with JJ, Daryl “The” Mr. Patel and myself…

It was a real blast presenting, attending and navigating the show this year and I’m looking forward to seeing where they hide the registration tables next year. If the trend continues, in a broom closet on the 4th floor I suspect.

And, what a treat it has been over the years to be able to expand on some mild musing in electronic text to a full on TWIT like panel of the events. Even though I don’t update the blog nearly as often as I once did, you can still keep up on things in AT via my Twitter feed or SPN. It’s the same thing I’ve been saying all these years in an esier to skip ahead to the good parts format. Oh, and End of Line, it is the true guilty pleasure for those of you who have known me all the way back to the pathfinder and Well Engaged board days in the 90s. Remember, a geek admits who they are and a nerd is in denial.

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