Sunday, February 28, 2010

Poll: Travel Poll Over, Stream Poll Added

Spring break is just around the corner. Many will be traveling all across our great land. But who will travel to where when it comes to AT conventions?

Poll Question: What Event Will You Attend In 2010?

ATIA   2 (18%)
CSUN   4 (36%)
ACB National Convention    2 (18%)
NFB National Convention    2 (18%)
Sight Village    1 (9%)

It looks like a lot of those who voted are heading to sunny San Diego to enjoy CSUN. Frankly, SD is just a bit out of my price range. Not that L.A. wasn’t cheap. I just can justify the trip there with touristy type things with Hollywood and all. Still, I will be bringing you stories from the halls of NFB in Dallas come this summer.

And money plays a lot into the way we look at Assistive Technology. Take, for instance, the idea of a paid upgrade for an accessible MP3 player. Rumors are running wild about a possible paid upgrade for the illustrious Victor Reader Stream. Okay, many are really just saying that there wasn’t enough in the 3.1 update. But go with me here a little. Its Imaginationland time.

Hypothetically speaking, let us say that there is a new update. And it has that oh so special feature you have always wanted. A clock, docx support or even the ability to not have to use that Stream Companion software anymore. Whatever the magic button is.. you would press it for what price?

New Poll Question: If It Had The Features You Wanted, How Much Would You Pay for A Victor Reader Stream Update?

Something close to $20 U.S.
Maybe around $30 U.S.
I might spend $40 U.S.
No more than $50 U.S.
I'll never buy an update for my Victor Reader Stream

Again, I’m just talking in fantasy speak here. Humanware does have some news about the Stream and the Companion software coming at CSUN. I just thought it would be interesting to see what others thought on the rumors going strong on the net. I’ll leave this up until CSUN ends.

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