Sunday, January 24, 2010

Windows 7: Black Viper And God Mode

My trusty main testing box is a Dell XPS 400 from 2006. It displays problems like no other computer I have ever owned. Not that this is a bad thing mind you. For testing, and work on beta programs, it has been a wonderful source of annoyance and joy in that it seems to attract bugs like a Roach Motel. So for what I do for a living, the system works well.

But every now and then I wonder if my Windows Experience could be improved by implementing a few tweaks here and there. Sure you can do the old MSCONFIG path, however, that doesn’t always get to the meat of the matter. No, for that you need something like the old Tweak UI. Problem is that there is no Tweak UI for Windows . Plus I’m not always a big fan of the Windows Power Toys stuff.

I’ve traditionally used Black Viper’s recommendations as my first line of defense against unneeded services in Windows. His latest offerings on the subject doesn’t suggest a lot of changes though. Guess that means MS really did slim down 7 eh? To find his list of recommendations hit the link below.

A lot has been made about the recently posted info on “God Mode” for 7. It honestly doesn’t offer anything new as to the way you can bend Windows 7 to your will. It does, however, offer a nice list of easy to find settings. It is super helpful if you don’t know where that particular control happens to reside within the  myriad of options and menus of 7. To learn how to get to this neat list click on the link.

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