Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year, A New Coat Of Paint And The SAme Old Me

Firstly, I want to wish all of you a happy new year. Next, I want to say that I’ve redesigned TRS a bit. Some things are still under construction, however, it was time for some kind of a refresh. This now makes version 3.0 by my count. I hope it looks and feels okay to one and all.

I know it looks like I’ve somewhat abandoned the blog as of late. That wasn’t my intention. Things have been in a state of flux for me since, oh I don’t know, around June. So many new products, so many new versions of programs and so little time in which to see and hear it all.

I have also taken a huge liking to Twitter. Many small bits of info that I find fascinating end up there. Especially if I don’t have to blather on about them. Such is the joy of 140 characters. My original plan was to sum up the week’s tweets in a blog post or two. The kibosh on that came when I realized the sheer number of tweets I was either passing along or creating was, well it was a staggering amount to keep track of that is for sure.

The speed at which technology moves is, and has pretty much always been, somewhere near the speed of light. Assistive Technology, however, has traditionally hung about in the realms of the sound barrier as far as that analogy will take me to the neighborhood of a point. And that point is that recent moves in AT have put the speedometer at Warp 9 lately. 

Windows 7 triggered a new round of software updates. Mac and Snow Leopard did the same. But I wasn’t prepared for the vast increase in hardware choices that have cropped up in the last six months. From the Book Sense to the Apex to the Intel Reader.. it all happened in a span of four months. And that isn’t even the half of things. The long list of Video Magnifiers from Humanware, G.W. Micro and a zillion Chinese competitors made up the lion’s share of my offline work for the last half of 2009. Crazy times I tell you.

Does this madness end in 2010? This Magic Eight Ball I’m holding says “Are you kidding me?.. Heck no!”. Let’s see, we have Office 2010 come to us in June. that means more patches and versions of stuff. Then we have another round of Video Magnifiers hitting the streets around the time of CSUN. And then there is the complete insanity that is E-Books and how to read them. Yep, the novelty item speaks the truth.

I can’t promise that I’ll be posting in depth looks at things as I have done in the past. I can’t promise that I’ll be the first on the net to break stories due to many rules that come with signing a N.D.A.. But I will promise to post more than I have in the last half of this year. Guilt is a driving force in my life. [Joke implied of course]

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