Monday, August 31, 2009

July's Poll Results And A Mini September Poll Added

There wasn't much of a doubt about who took the lead on this issue. Take a look at the mindshare a company seems to be cultivating amongst the Blind Community.

July's Poll Question Of The Month: What Cell Phone Platform Do You Want To Buy For Your Next Accessible Phone?

Windows Mobile with Mobile Speak or Talks 1 (4%)

Synbian with Mobile Speak or Talks 7 (30%)

Blackberry with Oraitor 0 (0%)

The iPhone 15 (65%)

Other 0 (0%)

So I guess no one is interested in the Google G1 phones until they have something we can use eh? Well I gave it a shot with the "Other" option. The other number that sort of surprises me a bit is the low number for the Blackberry. I think the new joint venture from Humanware and Code Factory will do fantastic with those Blind people who work in Enterprise level jobs. If you ever want to be a big time manager in a multinational company you will be using Nokia or a RIM device thats for sure.

But now let us go with a short and sweet poll for a few weeks. The age old question awaits us..

Poll Question Of The Month: Which Upgrade Do You Want To Buy?

Windows 7

Kurzweil 1000 Version 12

Apple 10.6 Snow Leopard


Some varied choices there eh? Well just vote how you feel and we will tackle the rest in a few weeks.

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john said...

Hello Ranger. It seems it's been a while since you've written here. And so I'd like to welcome you back to the world of blogging, confusing as it is. It's great that you're back and all, but just to be frank, or steve, or some other guy, I've got a suggestion. No, it really is great that you're back. You put, on the list of upgrades, snow leopard. It's only worth $30 if you already have leopard. So, I'm thinking: is there any other software that may be, just maybe! should be on this list?
Thanks and good times and such,