Friday, November 07, 2008

October’s Poll Results And November Poll Added

Well it looks like we had a landslide victory for the choice I probably would have chosen myself. And I sure don’t blame anyone for going with the winning option, however, it does make for little content for me to ramble on about this month.

October’s Poll Question: All I Want For Xmas Is ...

An Upgrade For My Screen Reader/Magnifier/OCR 2 (11%)
A Note Taker Like a PAC Mate, Voice Note, Icon Or Braille Sense 3 (16%)
A Victor Reader Stream 1 (5%)
A New Video Magnifier/Hand Held CCTV 0 (0%)
Starbucks, iTunes Or Other Online Gift Cards 0 (0%)
Money, Because It Goes With Everything I Already Own 12 (66%)

Looking back at that one I could have changed the last choice to “All of the above” and gotten almost the same results huh? Still I can’t disagree with the winner.

Let us try something new then. Recently Apple has released the 4 GB Nano which supports a spoken interface. And many of the leading Screen Readers have offered either free updates or third party scripts for iTunes access. The question is now.. is Apple too late? With Milestones, Plextalks, Olympias and that juggernaut known as the Victor Reader, has Apple done enough to get you on board with everyone else who doesn’t already own a Zune? Personally I use my ARCHOS 604 often because it has a very large screen and I can customize the way that the text and backgrounds look. But how do the rest of you feel about the options you have for MP3 playback?

November’s Poll Question: My MP3 Player Of Choice Is..

The New Apple 4 Gig Nano
The Victor Reader Stream
The Icon/PAC Mate/Braille Sense/Braille or Voice Note
Rockbox Enabled Players
Some Other Accessible Player
I Use An Off The Shelf MP3 Player With No Assistance

I know this is a lot like a poll we did before, however, we never had Apple as a real contender before. So we will see where this one takes us.


J.J. said...

Personally, I use my N82 for MP3s, which wasn't really a choice. Just goes to show the multitude of options we have now.

ColourlessGreenIdeas said...

We mustnt forget the Book Port. Mine is nearly four Year old and it still works wonderfully. It lacks some Features that would be nice, but these are more than made up for by its Versatility. And I think DoubleTalk is far superior to the Voices the Victor Stream is using, I cant stand them!!