Saturday, February 02, 2008

January's Poll Results And This Month's New Poll

As you might remember last month's poll came to me when I was picking up one of many moving boxes that contained tons, or at least it felt that way, of Cds. I had ripped some of them but I had not really nabbed the majority of my collection yet because I kept flip flopping on the bit rate I wanted to use. Hence the poll.

January Poll Question: At What Bit Rate Do You Archive Your Music?

128 - 5 (25%)

192 - 5 (25%)

256 - 0 (0%)

320 - 6 (30%)

Lossless .. I Have Gigs Of Space! - 4 (20%)

I have to admit that this one surprised me a little. I was using 192 a lot as of late. But then the same number of you use 128. And that took away my thought that I was in a happy medium. but then I saw the 320 votes pull up and win by one. I use a 30 gig player, the Archos 604 if anyone is interested, and I can hold a good bit at 320. However I don't see myself going lossless. Probably due to my desire, no need!, to have the original physical media for those recordings I treasure most. Heck the link to this month's CD is a reissue of one I already have. Which sadly means I will be doing that standard "trade in and trade up" routine for a 24 bit master and one bonus track. Sigh..

This month's poll came from a discussion I had with some co-workers. Every once in a great while the Low Vision and Blindness community hits a trend. A "One product to rule them all" kind of thing. In 2007 we jumped from the Creative Stone to the Victor Reader Stream. Considering the recent news out of ATIA this begs the call for this month's poll question.

Poll Of The Month: Do You Own Or Are You Going To Buy A Victor Reader Stream?

Yes, I own a Stream and I love it!
Yes, I have one but I just don't get the hype..
Yes, I am thinking about buying a Stream
No, I am not interested in getting a Stream
No, I use another device like the Victor Reader Stream

Hopefully that list covers all the bases. I don't like to invoke the "other" option if I can get away with it in things like this.

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