Thursday, July 05, 2007

Humanware Announces Keysoft 7.5, The Victor Reader Stream And A Correction To Their Press Release About The Victor Reader Stream

Those who were hoping that Humanware would answer the PAC Mate Omni announcement with Keysoft 8 will just have to wait until the fall it seems. Keysoft 7.5 will be a paid upgrade or it will take 1 count off of your SMA. Enhancements to Keybook, Keymail and the new Keyview are just some of the highlights of this new release. Also be aware that this is the final release, as advertised previously, for Classic Series Braille and Voice Note owners. To learn more about just what comes in 7.5 hit the link below.

Press Releases are tricky things. Some times you just want to run right out and tell the world about your product. And sometimes that means that you may not have copied everyone on the memo before going out and shouting out to the hills your great news. Looks like this happened with the new Victor Stream. You can't really blame Humanware here as hardly any of us know the ins and outs of the crazy world of copyrights and outside US distribution. Heck I'm lucky that I can figure out the coffee maker some days.

Here's the link to the correction about NLS playback.

And here is the original PR on the Stream.

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