Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Slew Of Humanware Press Releases

Here are 3 releases post CSUN.

April 3, 2007

Concord, California -- HumanWare, the global leader in assistive technologies for vision, today announced the launch of the Nemeth Tutorial, from Dr. Gaylen Kapperman and Jodi Sticken of Northern Illinois University, for the BrailleNote mPower family of notetakers for the blind.

"I'm very happy to collaborate with HumanWare to develop the Nemeth Tutorial on the BrailleNote mPower," said Dr. Kapperman. "Many of us have worked for years to make Nemeth code instruction available for both teachers and students. We have conducted extensive testing, written new lessons and re-tested, all to make this a highly effective tutorial for Nemeth code."

The Nemeth code is the leading code for representing mathematical symbols in Braille, used in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Learning the Nemeth code is crucial to blind students and adults who want to perform mathematics, opening doors in education and employment.

The tutorial is presented in 18 chapters with lessons covering everything from the basics of writing numbers up to statistics. Each lesson is broken down into four parts: an explanation of the lesson and reading, writing and proof-reading exercises.

The BrailleNote mPower family are the leading notetakers in education and employment for the blind. BrailleNotes are found in greater and greater numbers in schools as well as in work and everyday activities, where the speed and productivity that BrailleNote enables make a life-changing difference.

"We are excited about this new addition of the Nemeth Tutorial for blind students and adults for the BrailleNote mPower", said Dominic Gagliano, HumanWare USA VP for Blindness Sales. "Our relationships with school districts, teachers and students continue to grow stronger. With the Nemeth tutorial, the BrailleNote mPower is a powerful tool to aid students to excel in math and science and meet competitive graduation and college entrance requirements."

The Nemeth Tutorial is available as an option for the BrailleNote mPower BT and QT only, running the latest version of KeySoft.

To find the HumanWare sales office near you, visit

April 4, 2007 Concord, CA

HumanWare is pleased to announce the launch of myReader2, the next generation of the low vision auto-reader originally launched in 2004. myReader was a breakthrough reading machine when it was first introduced. myReader2 improves upon that technology with multi-page storage capability, improved page processing and low contrast improvements, together with user interface upgrades allowing even greater freedom and comfort for sustained reading.

myReader2 new features

Multi-page storage. The breakthrough feature in myReader2 is multi-page storage. Users can capture up to 10 pages, then read through them as quickly or slowly as desired. An additional three reference pages can also be stored and used again and again.

Easier user interface. myReader2 has a simplified user interface, based on extensive hands-on user testing, that makes the most-needed features easier to access.

Improved page processing. myReader's key capability is recognizing columns and word breaks on a page and converting all of the text into a single stream. myReader2 improves on this, handling a wider variety of pages quickly and easily.

Low contrast improvements. myReader2 does a better job of handling low contrast paper/print combinations found in many publications.

"myReader has been an amazing breakthrough for thousands of customers here in the US and around the world," said Vinnie Rappa, Vice President of Sales for Low Vision Products at HumanWare USA. "It's a 'reading machine' that has brought learning, productivity and simple joy to so many. myReader2 will make that promise a reality for thousands more."

Easy page viewing. With myReader2, the user can simply capture a page image, then pan around the image onscreen -- no need to move an X-Y table around. All with flexible features like image resizing, contrast and color controls.

"Auto-reader" capability. myReader2 can process the captured image and convert it into a flexible stream of words. This allows myReader2 to display the text in a single column, a single row or a word at a time -- no panning left to right, up and down to read.

Compact, flexible, attractive unit. myReader2 has the same size and shape as the original myReader -- a single, compact, folding unit with a built-in color LCD screen. myReader2 is easy to transport to and from school, home and office.

myReader2 is available now from HumanWare. Current users of the original myReader can call HumanWare for information on upgrading to a myReader2. Call HumanWare at 800-722-3393 for more information.

April 10, 2007, Concord, CA
HumanWare US announces more options and improved pricing for its SmartView Xtend line of video magnifiers.

HumanWare is pleased to announce it has added an additional monitor option, included an upgrade with the unit and improved pricing on the SmartView Xtends. The SmartView Xtend is now available with a 20 inch flat panel LCD monitor. "The 20 inch monitor gives our customers another option when purchasing a SmartView Xtend," said Vinnie Rappa, Vice President for Low Vision Sales at HumanWare US. "We've had many requests for a larger monitor and now we are able to offer one that has the same high quality as our 17 and 19 inch monitors."

Along with the larger monitor, HumanWare has lowered the prices of all monitors by $100, effective April 1, 2007.

HumanWare has also decided to include the Module 1 upgrade free with all new SmartView Xtends, effective April 1, 2007. All Xtends include auto focus, brightness control, and high contrast/false colors features. Module 1 includes all the features of a basic unit plus the lines and blinds, page locator, and magnification preset along with a remote, giving the user more control as they read.

The new options and better pricing make the SmartView Xtend the smart choice for those with low vision who want a more versatile video magnifier.

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