Friday, February 10, 2006

The Amigo Wants To Be Your Friend!

We recently got one of these neat little guys into the unit and I have to say I am very much impressed. In fact I believe my first remark was “It’s a real shame my Pico has to fall down a flight of stairs later today”. Naturally I was kind of kidding. It will be run over by a bus as the quote from Aliens applies “it’s the only way to be sure”.

The Amigo is another in the “mid line” price point CCTV units. It’s around $1,800 which is double the price of say a Pico or Quick Look. But the Amigo is far more than those hand held guys.

The unit lays flat on a document like the Traveler, however, the rollers are a bit more responsive to the touch. The folds like a clamshell with the lid of the unit being the actual display. And what a big and bright display it is my Amigo.

The unit has the same color filtering options found on the Merlin or Acrobat, however, unlike those units the Amigo has wheels to activate it’s false colors. The unit also has wheels to roll through it’s several levels of clear zooming action. Both of these wheels sit on the right side of the unit. And, as a nice touch, the unit has a freeze frame feature located on the back right of the unit.

The real odd bit is that the power button is located on the bottom side of the Amigo. When the display is open you can not gain access to the power button. In a way I guess this is good because you can not accidentally turn the unit off while reading. But it does throw you off at first that you can’t find the unit’s power control easily.

The Amigo runs on the same rechargeable batteries found with the Jordi and other Enhanced Vision products. The unit can also be used while charging which is always a plus.

The weight is a little more than a hand held styled unit. But again this is a “mid line” product here. You want to feel that weight for the extra money you know? Even so the unit is not really bulky for everything it has under the hood. It’s smaller than most of the units found in it’s category and it has a few more features to boot.

The Amigo comes with a sort of writing stand but honestly none of the Portable units on the market are designed for creating the next manuscript for a great novel. Still it’s a little easier to write under this unit than say the Flipper Panel or Liberty Solo.

We will be putting the unit to work over the next week or so and I will give you an update on what we find. For now check out the official product web site at Enhanced Vision.

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