Monday, September 05, 2005

Once In A Lifetime Now Means A Bit More

We had a joke in the old electronics retail industry. We would call the cheap of the cheap units a "Once In A Lifetime Deal". What we meant was drop that thing once and that's it's lifetime. This was also known as the "Wal Mart Fall Apart" feature.

Now some judge has decided that closed box products can not be modded without you breaking the copyright rules. Refill your ink cartridges or tear the lable off the matress if you want to live dangerously these days.


Natwho said...
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The Xorsysd said...

The Security field is having problems with these such rulings. RCE, debugging, etc... is really being hit and those to do this professionally.

There is a problem in this, now companies are cracking down on security professionals who are actually contributing to the all-around security of the product.