Saturday, June 18, 2005

Avoiding the Real Work by Working on Something Else

The older I get the more blonde I become. By that I mean this brown haired guy has been so easily distracted lately by bright and shinny objects that I procrastinate the big and looming deadlines. Last week I decided for some odd reason to sit down and track this error I keep getting with Norton’s Live Update. Now I don’t really care for Norton, McAfee or any general virus program. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist when it comes to virus companies. You can’t release a product yearly if you don’t have deadly viruses to fight off, therefore, the viruses have to come from somewhere. I an not completely X Files as we did land on the moon people and is a great resource by the way..

Back to Norton and the lost weekend.

I spent five hours reading the Norton site with various methods of dealing with my issues. Then I, and I can’t explain this at all, started reading the various links for other unrelated problems. I don’t run an Enterprise server but for some reason I enjoyed a long discussion on Group Policy Editing through MS Server 2005.

And who in their right minds would enjoy that? Well me. A non networking, non system admin and a man who uses XP Home on his leisure system. All because I wanted to avoid, forget and all out ignore this major project I have due in September.

It gets worse though. I spent five more hours building a CD/DVD rack for my 450 plus CDs. Which I then alphabetized. Smiling all the way no less. Two mundane mind numbingly boring tasks made desirable by my blissful denial.

I can’t even say that I can blame it on laziness as that stupid cheap A$$ Target bought rack used non logical instructions and it is flimsy as all hell. Better yet the wrong pieces, the ones laminated, face the wrong way making it look like I got it from a guy who moved out of his dorm early. Still I didn’t care as I was not working on this project that is consuming my life at all other waking moments of the day.

The CDs sat in their boxes since the move to Austin six months ago. The Norton issue has been hanging around since March. Yet I decided to complete these chores instead of getting ahead on this project. Why? That’s easy. The great monster named Procrastination has to be fed.

Crasty, my name for him, has been with me since High School. I found that if I give in to his wily ways I tend to do better work under the pressure of impending failure. I kept him around through college and he is still hanging out on my couch begging me to play just one more match on WWE RAW Vs. Smackdown on the PS2. His sweet siren song even calls to me now as I write this. Wait.. he was the one who told me to start a Blog in the first place. That bastard. Always one step ahead of me! Now I have one more thing on the list to distract me from that actual real work I need to be doing.

I’ll get you someday Crasty.. someday..

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ethne said...

My procrastination monster has been with me since ... well, forever. You have the priviledge of knowing the only first grader to get detention for not doing her homework. :)